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A career as an X-Ray Technician is quite a versatile one and promises job stability, a lucrative future, and good salary prospects. Certified individuals start from the profession of Junior X-Ray Technicians, X-Ray Technicians, CT Scan Technicians, MRI Technicians, Senior X-Ray Technicians.

X-Ray Technicians are trained to use X-Ray equipment for creating images of a patient’s internal anatomy. These images are used by doctors and specialists to aid in the diagnosis of illnesses and injuries. Under the X-Ray Technician Course, students are trained to a proficiency level wherein they are able to comply with the safety regulations involved in the use of X-Ray equipment while on the job.

Here is the list of areas in which we excel under X-ray technician course-

  • Basic Knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology
  • Perform portable Routine Views of X-rays
  • Digital Radiography
  • Special Procedure Like Mammography, Barium Series etc
  • BMD (Bone Densitometry Scan)
  • Knowledge of Radiation, Patient care and Radiographer's Responsibility
  • Analysis of Image
  • Basics of CT and MRI scan .

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Course Fee: Rs 45,000

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