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Ultrasound scanning is a major contribution from biomedical engineering which is an integral part of advanced pure science streams & one among the most convenient diagnostic modalities helping treatment and should be made easily accessible to any healthcare stream for effective healthcare delivery in public and private domain.

As a Healthcare Professional, many patients come to you with a history of prolonged disease and numerous medical reports including Ultrasound. Ultrasound is a very vast field of medical science and it requires a basic understanding of Radiodiagnosis.

Moreover, there are 1000s of indications to refer a patient for ultrasound and there are many ultrasound procedures. One should be aware of proper indications and appropriate ultrasound procedures for a specific patient with specific clinical findings to be referred. At NUVAH, we are bridging this gap among healthcare professionals to sharpen their skill set so that they can better corelate the Ultrasound impression with clinical findings and hence leading to appropriate diagnosis, thus enhancing their professional practice.

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